The best nightmare I’ve ever had


I never knew I was this imaginative, but if I could possibly dream about my dislike of my parents’ mania for homams, LB, Chrono Trigger, Alaipayuthe and all, at the same time, then I must be mental.

This happened after 5:30 AM this morning. I know cause I woke up and my mom told me it was too early.

Dream scene 1:

Me, a guy and a girl (names not mentioned) and Robo (from Chrono Trigger) are in some kind of apartment  seeking shelter, I presume, with my parents (I think it was them).

Something my parents said made me say “Ridiculous” to which the girl responded it sounded exactly how Kartik Kumar  says it in Alaipayuthe. Then the guy also says something and the topic is changed. Later my parents want to conduct some homam and call some 12 sages or something. There is a knock on the door and the 12 of them are already here. They leave some 6 odd shaped objects on the outside. I let them in and the guy and Robo stands guard inside the house while me and the girl stand guard outside.

There is a blast inside, and we get thrown out. The girl gets blasted off farther away than me, and everything is pitch-black. The girl  shouts out to me saying that
I have to light those 6 objects or something. I go to each of them and light 5 of them and then ask, shall I bring Robo for back up? She says how can you when his head is in my hands. (Apparently Robo had also been blasted and his semi-circular head was being used for protection)

I light the last object from where I was (at the 5th one) using the last matchstick I had, Sudarshan style. (You know, just scrape the matchstick on the box with your thumb and fling it)

But the time it takes seems so long and then I realize the horror of my mistake. It is eventually lit, and then it all seems so obvious. I realized what was so special about this symmetric arrangement.

The girl stood up and she hadn’t been lying (it was the head of the guy, not Robo in her arms). She transformed into this mega-boss and attacked me.  She was taunting to kill me, and I betted her to. She did and instead of dying I woke up in my bed (this is also in the dream only) . Many people I knew were there, INCLUDING LB!!!!! Then I get an sms from Sharanyan or something to go to school, so I go there. There I meet Shridhar who wants a book from me, to which I say I didn’t have. Pradhum and Sharan were there as well. That’s all I remember.

Really crazy dream.


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