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Yercaud trip – the best excursion EVER

May 14, 2007

originally posted July 15th, 2006

On Thursday night, we left Chennai via Central station to Salem.
The teachers accompanying us were:
Mr. Ramu (A)
Subashini (B)
Srini (C)
Sundari (D)
UV (11th in-charge)
KPK (jalra)


The train ride was good at first, when all of us were nearby. But then, the whole group got scattered. I couldn’t catch any proper sleep there, especially after seeing sparks inside the fan next to me. (I was in the upper berth)

By the time we reached Salem it was so cold that I had to wear my jacket (atleast for me, it was cold) … then we left to Yercaud via van. There were fifteen of us in our van.

I still don’t know why Mr. Ramu was acting like he was in-charge telling all the vans what to do and getting in on our van the last. Maybe it’s cause UV is too immobile.
The uphill journey was pretty head-spinning… and finally we reached our hotel. The hotel was excellent … comparing this with last year’s “Mysore Palace” or whatever, Mysore Palace was SHIT. We went to have breakfast. The best thing there was Pal Payasam … I loved it. 🙂

Then, we were in our rooms for a while, where we took bath, watched TV, etc.
It’s not even 2 days, and I forget in what order these happened. I guess we went to that Anna Park for a minute, after which we were sent off to some forest-ish garden. Me, Rohit and BK went up those rocky trails and all towards one side end. Pretty scary with so many insects around.

Then we again went to the Anna Park for the drivers’ lunches. There we all had corn and bajji. Back in our hotel after having lunch, something super comical happened.

Our (me, shri, arj, gok) and chappli’s (chappli, bk, dk, navneeth) rooms were slightly lower than the rest of the rooms, which we that was a good thing to enjoy the view. That’s not a good thing, that’s a bad thing cause there were MONKEYS all over the place.
We got scared of them, but Mr. Ramu tried to send us to our rooms, as a monkey tried to scream at us and chase us!!! He told us not to run (WTF can you do if you see some 20 monkeys?) and somehow managed to send us in. We saw those monkeys scratching, doing acrobatics and um… something else too.

Me, Arjun and Chappli were the only ones in our rooms hiding from the monkeys. Why should we have all the fun? So we called Vichu and Jeyenth there. Vichu ran away near the turning itself, but Jeyenth came alone. He left again also. Then I sent SOS SMSs to Sudarshan, GL, AK and Pradhum. Then Jeyenth, Vichu and Sharth came along. We had some fun with Chappli, his cell and a voice mail-box. Then Sudarshan, Vijay, Rohit and Sreenath also came down. We were all trapped for a while, but later managed to get out.

I think we went up to the bonfire next…. it was pretty stupid too. Us boys had to sit right next to the fire and my hair got full of ash -_-
Atleast UV was on our side…. the best part of the “games” we played there.
That guy who organized is one vazhiyal case…
The first game was some crappy game, in which UV helped us by suggesting strategies and all, but we still lost… Pepsi > Coke … Blue > Red
Then we played a game of Dumb C… t’was fun
We got some movies like Poison Ivy: The Last Seduction and all, which in the first place is WRONG!
It’s NEW not LAST.
Bloody girls, can’t even get their movies right.

We retalliated by giving Naked Gun 331/3: The Final Insult, which I thought no one would know, but got PWN’ed. The game ended in a draw. Then came the tie-breaker during the extra time, which AGAIN ended in a draw.

Then we went to have dinner. Then was the best part. Since we shifted our bed (the one on the floor) from our room to Vichu’s room thinking that we’ll sleep there to be safe from the monkeys, we had no bed. Then we decided to go to AK’s room… this was the best part… their room was so separated that Mr. Ramu did not even know about it!!!!

We arattai-adichified there… me, shri, arj, gok, ak, pradhum, satya and aj. We ordered room service and all for Coke then saw E-C-Dubya!!!
RVD vs. Kurt Angle FTW!!!!

But the strangest part of this was Sharan getting Satyaki’s number and knowing I was with him and calling ME!!! o_0

We played a bit of cards, but then eventually slept off [Shridhar (the elephant) was sleeping along with me, ak and aj (the sticks) in the bed according to Satyaki]

We woke up and left to our rooms where we got delayed taking bath. We rushed to eat breakfast again and then left to those Seats. On the way, there was a huge demand for Cadbury’s Diary Milk. (which I must say am eating at 4:30 in the morning … yep that’s right … I’ve been writing this since 1 AM!!!!)

Then we went back to the hotel and left for Salem. The trip was pretty nauseating, with Jeyenth throwing up. After reaching the station, something super funny happened.

Srikrishna, KS and Siddartha were near a coffee stall. A beggar approached them.

Beggar: Could you buy me some coffee (IN ENGLISH!!!)
S/KS/S: o_o
Beggar: I’m an intergalactic space traveller. Today I’m in Milky Way, tomorrow I’ll be in Andromeda
S/KS/S: o_0

They then recited the story to us, and then tried to show that guy to me, but the guy had vanished.
All of us: 0_0

The train journey was pretty cool…
First I was playing cards with Arj, Rohit, Shri, Nitish, Shreyas, Prasadh, Narayanan and DK.
Then I was hearing songs with the Zombie.
Then stupid Mr. Ramu made me sit with them girls.
Then I sneaked back in to the other end and played Dumb C.

I gotta admit, I finally found someone who’s as good as me (if not better) in guessing movies: PRADHUM!!!!
Me, Arj, Vijay, Gok, (Naren || AK) vs. Shri, Pradhum, Satya, AJ

was really good. Then we finally came back to Central, where I went off to the other end again and was talking to Chappli. I guess I was the first one to step out of the train!! 😀

We all split up after that, and as usual, I came online as soon as I reached. 😉
I was transferring the video to my comp as I started to write this post… which started at 1 AM and ends now at 4 AM!!!!!


The past 2 days were some of the fun days of my life

May 14, 2007

originally posted May 16th, 2006

Last Saturday, Amogh had come back from B’lore for his vacation. He had planned to come only on Monday, since he had a class on Monday, but pre-poned it when his class got cancelled. On Sunday night, he came to my house to stay as his dad had to go to B’lore on an official trip. We played some games of Worms (both World Party and Mayhem) and then went to sleep at about 12. Notice the went to part…. cause we didn’t sleep even a bit untill around 5.

We had a fun time for 5 hours discussing mainly about the times we had in school (I love recollecting old memories :D) and I showed him some of my group photographs I had (lkg, ukg, 1st, 2nd, 5th-10th). Later, we discussed about the chances of 11 A winning the Intra-school culturals next year, and how we could try to win, seeing as most of 10 D’s prize-winners did not make it to 11 A.

On Monday morning, we woke up at around 10:30-11, and then left to Sharan’s house around 12. Poor Amogh, I made him walk a bit too much. First we went towards the Besant Nagar Bus Terminus side, but Amogh wanted to buy a DVD to write, and since we couldn’t find them on that side, I took him all the way back to Vannanthurai bus stand.

At Sharan’s house, we met up with Shridhar. Arjun came a bit later, and we all had lunch, and I finally took Artemis Fowl 4 and The Alchemist. Swami and Sharath met up with us a bit later. We were contemplating whether to go to the theatre or the beach. Finally, I had to give in to the others and go for the movie.

Swami and Arjun went on Swami’s motorcycle to drop it off at Swami’s dad’s office. Then, Sharath and Shridhar left walking, with me closely behind them (cause I got slowed down by the rest). Then behind me, Sharan and Amogh came. We stopped near Swami’s dad’s office and continued walking as a group till the complex where Amaravati/Snowfield/etc. where. There, we managed to get one auto for all of us. Arjun sat with the driver, and the rest cramped in the back.

We reached the theatre and called B Sriram (not gundu bee, the other one) and Vijay. They reached just in time for the movie: Poseidon.
(mini rant starts here—)
People in India hype cinemas like hell. A bit crappy, but still. I mean, first, there’s absolutely NO grammar…. and they add extra stuff to make it better, which is probably not even real.
eg. Poseidon is billed as Titanic 2 ….. it has nothing to do with Titanic, except for the fact that both happen to be ships. And Poseidon is a remake of the 1972 film, The Poseidon Adventure. It makes me sad.
(mini-rant ends here—)

The movie was pretty good, especially the sound effects. I liked the John Dylan guy a lot. Me and Vijay were trying to figure out who the hero and villian were… but this film had neither. LoL
We predicted so many things, like in each room they go, one will die and in the end, only the kid will survive, etc. But in the movie, most of them did survive, except for the chef, his girlfriend and the heroine’s dad. Plus, the heroine’s dad looked familiar ….. finally found out where I’d seen him before. He was Cash from the Stallone/Russell starrer, Tango and Cash (one of my favourite movies, I should say).

At the movie, we had a pleasant surprise in meeting Hari, who was sitting in the next row! After the movie, we had the best time. Swami took B’s cycle and left with Arjun to Sharan’s house while me, Hari, Shridhar, Vijay, B Sriram, Sharan, Sharath and Amogh went in Hari’s car.
8 (1 if you count the driver) of us cramped in one car ….. that almost beats our former record in the auto!

Hari and Amogh sat in the front. Vijay, B and Sharan on the back. Sharath, me and Shridhar on their respective laps. I had to remove my slippers and squeeze in since I was in the middle. Mayhem ensued with Hari’s CD player’s remote in Amogh’s hand. After like many minutes listening to songs by Eminem (I like only Ass Like That from what we heard) we reached Sharan’s house finally. There, B’s cycle had a problem, which we later fixed. Then, we had to leave as Sharan had to go out.

Instead of B, we had Swami with us, minus Sharan. Hari dropped them all and dropped me and Amogh at my house. I told him to come back and join us. He came back in 1/2 hour and again, we spent a lot of time talking, but not as much as the previous day and slept relatively early.

The next morning, we woke up and Hari left for his house early. Me and Amogh were on the computer till around 3, when Amogh went to sleep. Hari came back at 4:30 and we left for the beach. Played football with the gang for some time. After that, me and Vijay went to eat some corn….. while the others waited, or so we thought.

They had apparently got fed up of waiting and had gone to eat sweet corn themselves. We had lost them, but I thought they might head out for frankies…. <.<
I took Vijay towards the frankie shop and they were not there. Meanwhile, the others had left to drop Amogh at my house (where his dad was waiting, and he had left with him). Me and Vijay continued on towards Vannanthurai Bus Stand where Vijay waited for a 47A. We were talking for a while and then he got on one which finally arrived. Just as I was crossing the road to go to my house, I saw the others cross this side…… @_@ they had also come to this bus stand. I found them and they told me that Amogh was in my house. I then bid them farewell and left for my house…. where I’m writing the lengthiest post in my blog I think I’ll be writing for the next few months. I’m a lazy person … :p