My life and cartoons


Ever since I was born, I was a bit addicted to TV in general. I’d watch anything that came on TV. But cartoons have always had a special place in my heart. The first thing I remember watching was He-Man and The Masters of the Universe. I was around 1-2 years then. I was a big fan of He-Man right from the start… I used to (still do) have around 50 different action figures. Back then, in the early 90s, Cartoon Network used to air only from early morning around 5 AM to 5 PM. TNT used to take over the other half. But gradually, they increased to 5 PM to 9 PM, and TNT was replaced by TCM. Soon, Cartoon Network became a separate channel all by itself.
When I first saw Cartoon Network, I remember that the channel meant for Asia used to air. What I’m trying to say is, the timings and all were given for Hong Kong/ Thailand/ Taiwa and one more country, I THINK Singapore. The ads used to be partly Asian too IIRC.
I’ll review all the cartoons I’ve seen (or atleast those I remember I have seen)…

I was never really a big fan of what people call “classics” such as Tom and Jerry and Popeye. I guess it must be because I’ve seen all the episodes in both the cartoons 10 times. 😀

There was this show called “Thundarr the Barbarian” which I used to enjoy, partly because Thundarr reminded me of He-Man.
See the resemblance yourself. I think it must be the boots.

Then there were the other classics, which I enjoyed much more… such as

Atom Ant
A superhero show where the hero is an ant who lives underground and does weightlifting and all.

Auggie Doggy and Doggie Daddy
Father and son duo who are very sentimental for most of the time.

Birdman lives in his volcano with his pet vulture, Avenger. Birdman’s main source of power is the Sun.

Galaxy Trio
I don’t remember their names properly, but I think I’m fairly right. Vapour man can turn into vapour (I think only his lower body, cause I have this image of a torso floating on top of falling water). He’s green in colour. There’s one episode in which the villain also resembles him, but only red in colour.
Then this huge guy with white hair and pointy ears. He can grow into huge sizes.
Then Gravity Girl who can levitate stuff.

Secret Squirrel (and Morocco Mole)
Secret Squirrel, a detective in disguise (his disguise is a purple hat with holes for eyes)… Morocco Mole’s twin brother is one of the main villains… He wears a turban!

Winsome Witch
I remember only one episode… a little guy and a girl will accidentally fly off in her broom and she’ll be worried. The scene goes like this.
WW: “Oh golly! How can they even guess that the magic word to stop the broom is Timbuktu?”
Kids: “If we keep flying like this, we’ll end up in Timbuktu!”
Winny calls her broom, well, “broom”!

Huckleberry Hound
Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my daaaaarling Clementine… you were lost and gone forever, dreadful sorry, Clementine…

Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines (Stop the pigeon)
Ultimate comedy show… Dastardly will be the one in violet suit yelling at people. Red suit guy will be so scared of everything that he always keeps his head hidden inside his suit. Yellow suit guy will be the one inventing stuff, but I wonder how cause he’s the one who’ll keep making weird noises with his mouth. And who can forget Muttley’s asthmatic snigger…

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder
Green dog with extensible arms and legs and head and tail and what not. The actual hero in this show is the Blue Falcon.

Fantastic Four
A very old cartoon, but it was really much better than all the crap that followed it.

Fantastic Max
I remember this show started on the day of Chillu’s grihapravesham… I missed the first episode. It was a fun kids show… I enjoyed it a lot. Max is this little baby and his doll is FX (a green alien with a pipe for a nose) who can animate stuff and their babysitter is AB. They’ll travel the world in a spaceship which is actually an enlarged feeding bottle animated by FX.

Galtar and the Golden Lance
Another show that reminded me of He-Man. Galtar is the hero with twin swords (sorta like Darth Maul’s light saber). Heroine is this princess lady. Her kid bro or someone will ride a bloody red ostrich and has this boomerang which splits into 3 mini-boomerangs. I never saw this show quite till the end. Only episodes here and there… It came at odd timings… 3 PM or something… I never get home that early 😦
But it made a comeback on the show Boomerang… but it hardly ever came on that, so I never found out what happened to this show.

Goober and the Ghost Chasers
I’ll never forget this show. I always saw it on the paper, but I never saw even a single ad for it on TV. I woke up till 3 30 AM to watch this bloody show when I was barely 8 years old. Typical Scooby Doo type show, but only that Goober, the Dog is actually a ghost or something like that. I don’t remember much, cause I’ve seen it only ONCE in my entire life.

Grape Ape
I’ve seen this show only some once or twice, cause it used to come in between half an hour shows. It was another one of those 2 minute shorts, but it was not as popular as the others. Grape Ape is this huge purple gorilla who knows only to say Grape Ape again and again. A little white dog is the main hero.

The Herculoids
Again, a lesser known 2 minute short. It consisted of this prehistoric family and their battle with aliens and all…
Zandor, his wife Tarra and son Dorno are the only humans.
A rhino, Tundro who can shoot pellets from his horn.
A gorilla, Igoo carved out of stone.
A dragon sort of reptile, Zok, whose favourite combo is shooting eye lasers, followed by tail lasers.
And last but not least, Gloop and Gleep, the 2 EGG-YOLKS! It was a super comedy show.

Hong Kong Phooey
A very new show in terms of chronological order. I didn’t see much of it but it was decent.

Inch High, Private Eye
I have no recollections of actually watching this show, but somehow, the name, the story and characters give me a strange feeling that I have seen it. This little detective is only an inch tall.

I’ve always wondered. Are the Jetsons futuristic Flintstones or are the Flintstones prehistoric Jetsons? Nice show… characters were really funny. There’s one song in it too… Judy will sing along with Jet Screamer. It’s called ‘Eep Op Ork Ah-Ah'(and that means I love you too [IIRC])

Jonny Quest
One of the best damn shows. I’ve seen both versions, the original and the Real Adventures. The original was typical 60s cartoo animation. The Real Adventures ROCKED. Super 3 D graphics and all. Jeremiah Surd, the wheelchair weirdo looked pretty scary in is 3D form at that time actually. Plus, the cast of JQ made a guest appearance in Harvey Birdman’s show. Hadji has a superb monologue in it. Very funny, I must say.

Josie and the Pussycats
Scooby Doo rip off. With musical instruments added minus the dog. The first one was good. The second one where they go to space was good too. There was this funny alien creature that was Melody’s pet which was ultimate comedy too.

This deserves a huge write up on itself so I will write it last.

Lippy the Lion (and Hardy Har Har)
Very catchy song I must say. Lippy is one crack pot ambitious lion. Hardy is a hyena who has no hope. He is the eternal pessimist. Always saying “Oh dear! Oh my!”

Magilla Gorilla
Bumbling gorilla named Magilla wearing bow tie and hat. I remember one song too.
“We got a gorilla for sale, Magilla gorilla for sale”
“Take him, try him, won’t you, buy him?”

Moby Dick
Moby is a whale. Scooby is a seal. Tub and Tom are 2 fat and thin kids underwater. Not that entertaining and all but good fun.

Mighty Mightor
Tor is the hero of the show. He can transform into Mightor if he uses his club. He has a dinosaur called Tog which can fly. Pondo is the nattamai and Sheera is our village heroine. Kutty paiya Little Rok is her brother who idolizes Mightor and always wears a mask on his head and gets into trouble.

<asthmatic laugh>

Richie Rich
Very famous comic turned into TV show. Again, monotonous for me cause I’ve seen it too many times.

The Perils of Penelope Pitstop
Typical damsel in distress. How dumb can you get? Anyone who doesn’t know that Sylvester Sneekly is the Hooded Claw must be blonder than Penelope. The Anthill mob is always there to the rescue for her.
Clyde – only guy not in blue, he’ll be wearing grey and have an unshaven look, periya don nu nenaippu
Yak Yak – he keeps laughing and jabbering
Dum Dum – he’s plain dumb
Snoozy – he is barely awake
Softy – he is a wimp
Zippy – he runs fast and talks faster
Pockets – he is their local market. pocket kullendhu enna ennemola eduppan!
of course, their car deserves a special mention for all the work it does! 3 cheers to chugga boom.

Peter Potamus (and So So)
He is a purple hippo who travels through time on a HOT AIR BALLOON!!! He has one special move and that is to holler at enemies. So so is a monkey jalra.

Quick Draw McGraw
Quick Draw is the local sheriff who is actually a Zorro-esque hero in disguise. Baba Looey is his deputy.
“Queeeks Draw I theeenk….”
“Now hoooooold on there baba boy… I’ll do the “thinnnning” around here, and dooon’t you forget eeeet”

Ricochet Rabbit (and Droop-a-long)
Ricochet is a rabbit sheriff who keeps shouting Ping ping ping always. He should try Jamming 😀

Scobby Doo
deserves more space, check the end of the post.

Chuck and Nancy are the brother sister duo in this show. They have a pet camel which can FLY! Their items also include an invisibility cloak, a magic rope and a flying carpet.
Both of them have half rings which when brought together summon the great SHAZZAN!

Sky Commanders
I really have no clue when or on what channel I saw this but it always stuck in my head and I am reminded of this whenever I think of Centurions.

“Heaven’s to Murgatroyd!” “Exit, stage left/right”

Snooper and Blabber
Tom and Jerry as detectives with their colours and species exchanged. That’s all.

Space Ghost
Space Ghost is not really a ghost but a superhero. He is pure white and has a black mask for his head. He has 2 arm bands on his wrists without which he is powerless. Turning invisible for him is becoming a white outline of himself. 😀
He has sidekicks too. A brother-sister duo named Jace and Jane and their pet monkey, Blip.

Dino Boy
Dino Boy is actually a little kid named Todd who lives in a world where prehistoric stuff still exist. His bodyguard is this caveman called Ugh and his pet and steed is Bronto.

Squiddly Diddly
Same as Magilla Gorilla but with a purple squid.

Touché Turtle (and Dum Dum)
“Touche and away!” Touche is a turtle which likes to sword fight a lot.

Wacky Races
deserves more space. end.

Yakky Doodle
Yakky is one stupid duck which gets chased around by a Fox.

Wally Gator
Same as Squiddly Diddly which itself is same as Magilla Gorilla but with a green alligator.

It’s the Wolf
Mildew wolf is always after this lamb but a sheep dog will always rescue the lamb. The lamb’s punch dialogue is “it’s the WOOOOOOOOOOOOLF!”

Pixie and Dixie (and Mr. Jinks)
Same as Tom and Jerry but with 2 mice.

Yogi Bear
He’s smarter than the average bear. He lives in Jellystone National Park with his sidekick Boo Boo and lives off picnic baskets and hides from Ranger Smith.


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  1. lakshmi Says:

    heaven’s to murgatroyd :d fun, the way,i could remember SO many episodes from captain planet.*nose in the air

    throw in the centurion song for good measure.let the world be enthralled by your memory. 🙂 and where is the laff-a-lypmics description?

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