I know my blog has never been updated regularly or even occasionally, but this is that once-in-a-blue-moon kind of day when it actually happens.

I’m officially no longer a student of PS and now my loyalties lie with Sastra. I’ve adjusted very well here, quite to my own astonishment, really. I can actually drink the water here without having second thoughts, and that’s saying something. Turns out I’m as good in oratory and jamming as I am in quiz and dumb c. šŸ˜€

It’s been exactly one month since I came here, and a LOT has changed in this one month. People, attitudes, schedules, almost everything I knew or thought I knew in my life.

Well there’s a lot to speak on that so I’ll save that for another day. This post is not about all that. This post is about time.

Ever since I was a little kid, I was very much intrigued about the concept of time and the fantasy which was time travel. I believed in it with blind faith and hoped that it would be possible someday. Hell, I even hoped that I would be the first to discover how to travel in time.

As I grew older and older, my obsession with time also grew. I did my fair share of research, I obtained a lot of info as I journeyed through life. I learnt a lot as time went by.

Once, in my 8th std. IIRC, I read about John Titor. This man’s claim was totally different than most others. He actually gave valid proofs for what he said. Though our timeline might have split into an altogether new one than the one he came from, we still experience a bit of what his would have if ours had progressed into its path. Too confusing for some, but not for me. I believe in his predictions and what he had to say.

One main thing he said was, in his time, the last Olympic games that took place was the 2004 one. His timeline was in the middle of war, so that was perfectly acceptable. But fortunately for us, ours is not. So the only thing with a slight chance of happening is some problem or controversy with this year’s Olympics so that it MAY appear to be cancelled of some sort. That brings us to my countdown to 888. August 8th, 2008, 08:08:08.
Also it’s when I will be returning to Chennai for the first time after coming here. For Scintillations. Something that I worked my entire last year in school for. Something that I hope continues to be a tradition and whose legacy will be carried on for generations to come.

PS: There is yet another reason for my countdown. Only one other person is aware of it I assume, and comparing my memory to anyone else’s is just plain insulting it. šŸ˜€



3 Responses to “Countdown”

  1. lakshmi Says:

    oh 888 is my birthday and boo to you

  2. vikku Says:

    assclown, why would i bother counting down to your birthday?
    and comparing my memory with yours is not that much of an insult. sodi.

  3. Lakshmi Says:

    After SO LONG, I end up on your blog again! These comments are funny. Post, loser.

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