I don’t know how or when my luck changed. But somewhere down the line, it did. Ever since then, I’ve been living on luck. Whenever shit happens, I wait. And I end up getting lucky. Again and again. Over and over.

Let me recollect what happened in the past week.

Jan 22nd. Thursday.

I get my permission letter sanctioned, allowing me to go home, for what might very well be the last time in two months. Then. I fell sick.

Jan 23rd. Friday.

I almost pass out in the middle of lab due to lack of food in me. I visit the doctor, and somehow managed to board the train (in a station in the middle of nowhere) and reach home too, almost killing myself in the cold in the process.

Jan 24th-26th

I stay at home, taking rest. On the last day, head back to college with a severe throat infection.

Jan 26th-29th

Practice for VIT’s Riviera, full and full. It was not even sure whether we’d go, but somehow we did end up leaving for it the evening of 29th.

Jan 30th-Feb 2nd

We landed in VIT at 4 in the morning. The rooms we were given were really nice and well-furnished. 3 bunk beds. 11 of us. In one room. Man that was comical. The events that were held spanned over the four days.

1) What’s the good word

I teamed up with Sridhar. Prelims was crappy. 4 synonyms, 4 antonyms and 2 anagrams. We got 9 out of 10. They started repeating the words for different teams so we had quite a bit of practice. Finals was like a knockout round. Was pretty fun actually. We managed to stay till the final 3, but came only 3rd because one team managed to get everything by fluke, and the other team was obviously better at this (Ninja n Sridhar Rao).

2) SpEnt Quiz

I teamed up with Sridhar and Shreyas and obviously none of us knew anything about sports. There was no question of qualifying but I was really happy that this quiz had a WWE question in it 😀

Incidentally, I had predicted that it would to Sridhar two days prior. Even better was, the day we’d arrived, I was talking to Varun about Bret Hart and corrected him when he got his catchphrase wrong.

The question was and ID about Bret Hart. Needless to say, I am psychic.

3) Radio Jockey

I really wanted to take part in this event badly cause it would have given me the opportunity to use a lot of WWE catchphrases (ARE YOU READY!? For the thousands in attendance and for the millions listening at home, let’s get ready to TUNE IN :P) but I wasn’t able to because I had to run for …

4) Kryptography

This was a new event so nobody had a clue as to what we were supposed to do. Basically the event turned out to be a riddle solving treasure hunt type puzzle. Oh yeah, they provided me with a computer with internet access. Need I say more? Obviously we won hands down. The four rounds were as follows and each had a password.

A cryptic crossword with nice clues.

A graph question that really slowed us down cause if we answered wrong, it would not show for 2 minutes. (I prt scr’d it :P)

One really annoying 3-D picture where random letters would flash if you moved the mouse.

Crappy picture connects with the simplest choice being the right answer.

A Caesar’s box which eventually led us to sending an email to claim that we were the winner.

At the end of day 1, we got to go sit up in front row VIP seats for the ProShow which featured the Raghu Dixit project and Vishal and Shekar. What are the odds that I knew 80% of the songs that they sang. Really, I was surprised.

5) Pixi

Prelims was way too easy. We had to guess a word  (‘transplant’). Finals were decent. We got ‘jewel’ and won first place. Me, Sridhar, Shreyas and CV.

6) JAM

Basically the style of jamming I follow is just being very calculative. I object when I hear something wrong, and I don’t give crappy objections. Hence the negs I get are not much. My seniors advised me to change it a bit, and said that getting the mod’s attention was the only thing I should be doing.

The round in the prelims had me, Shreyas, Sridhar and Varun apart from 4 other guys in it. I clearly had the mod’s attention because I was jacking everyone on stage.

Finals had 6/8 participants from my college. Me, CV, Amogh, Srinath, Reddy and Shreyas. I was doing great for the first 3 rounds, and then one VIT guy started getting points, not for objections, but for the variation in the rounds. I ended up getting only 3rd, while CV came 2nd and the VIT guy won.

7) Main quiz

It was actually very simple, with a few repeats I remembered from earlier quizzes, so with a lot of team effort, me, Sridhar and Shreyas qualified. We smelt at the finals. Came 5th.

8) Shipwreck

I got Paris Hilton. Acted stupid. Moving on.

We spent the night tormenting CV for not winning because if he had, he’d have gone to receive the prize from Namitha, his favourite heroine.

9) Poetry

The first event of Day 3 had me running from place to place. I had to leave poetry half way because I had some other event. I couldn’t even finish my poem properly 😦

10) Debate

I was originally supposed to team up with Gautham, but since he was not there, I had to team up with Amogh. We did quite well, (topic was ‘moving on’ was a cover for indifference w.r.t 26/11) and qualified too. Quarterfinals la we lost, even though the topic was the best I could’ve hoped for (religion does more harm than good to society).

11) Dumb C

Prelims was really really easy. Me, Sridhar and Shreyas got everything so fast. But in the finals, we came only 2nd because the team which came 1st repeatedly used sounds like which wasn’t allowed, and we pointed it out, and they had to redo, and still they used it. We didn’t want to argue, so we left.

The ProShow had a lot of Tamil guys (Charan, Premji, Badava Gopi, Benny Dayal, Naresh Iyer, etc) among other well-known celebs. I got first row VIP treatment again for winning, and enjoyed the show.

That night was awesomely comedy, because we put random Chinese underwear + cream + curd and all that on CV and Shreyas. If you’re wondering who the random Chinese guy is, it’s someone in the VIT hostel who wore a shirt, and only a shirt, and two of my friends saw something pointing out from underneath it. Mental imagery not recommended.

12) Block and Tackle

Day 4’s first event. I did quite decent for an event I didn’t even think I’d participate.

13) Tinto

We really screwed it up, well, because both me and Sridhar were really tired after all the rest. We got Oprah Winfrey, and didn’t get Russel Peters and Lance Armstrong.

14) Spin-a-yarn

XD I actually won this event because I was funny. My topic was ‘If you can’t convince them,  confuse them’. I spoke about me being expressionlessly funny and all that. There was a tie, and I lost out in the tie-breaker. Still, I managed to win a total of 6 prizes and Rs. 6250 in cash.

Overall the events were great, the campus was ULTIMATELY huge and super. I found the lack of proper food stalls disturbing. The people there were really nice to us, unlike at NIT.

All this while, I had, and still have a VERY VERY bad throat.

We won the overall, and did all our rituals and all that. We didn’t know what to do, as in whether to go back to college or not, since all colleges were supposed to be shut down due to the LTTE issue thingy.

We call up our dean, and he gives us strict orders to come back. We go to the bus stand. Luckily, only few tickets were available. The Hindi team and a few others go back on the bus to college. The remaining of us wait for a bus to go home.

We waited.

And waited.

For nearly two hours, we were sitting on a PLATFORM in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. Say that in Tamil, and you’ll realize my plight.

Finally eleven of us hired a tempo van and came home in that. I reached home around 4 AM.

The next day we were supposed to start back for college, but since there was a bus strike the next day, we called up and got permission again to extend for another day.

Today, we got word that there was a huge commotion back in college. Started out in the girls hostel, followed by the guys hostel. We didn’t know what to do, so went to catch a bus back to college. At the last minute, we received word that a circular had been issued saying people can go home and the college was closed indefinitely.

How much luckier can I get, huh?


3 Responses to “Luck.”

  1. Shruthi Says:

    Maybe more. But things will be better and more awesome and you know it. Don’t you?


  2. Lakshmi (N) Says:

    6250INCASH? wow. reasons behind commotion?

  3. Chappli Says:

    Macha, kalake po.. May the legacy of the V continue.. You rock!!! 🙂 Go on…

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